Saturday, April 9, 2011

migas a la gung haeng

This is a recipe that I just invented.  I swear it's very good.  The ingredients are not so typical, though:

-2 eggs
-some good bread that is a little stale
-about 4 dried prawns, good quality (i suppose one could also use about 1/4c of minced raw shrimp)
-one red shallot
-pinch of salt, 1/4t pepper

1. make the bread into crumbs and brown it in olive oil in a non-stick skillet with the shallot, which you will have chopped.
2. shred the dried prawns in a coffee grinder into a floss.
3. lightly beat the eggs, mix the ground shrimp, salt and pepper in.
4. add the egg mixture, stir it quickly so that the migas get mixed into the egg.  just before it starts to set form it into a cake in the skillet.  either cook it with a lid on for 30 seconds until the top starts to get firm, or fold it over and cook it like 30 seconds more.

now you have an omelette that is crunchy and tastes like shrimp (provided you got the good quality).  probably goes well with a salad, or the center of a sunday breakfast.

how to make dried prawns by yourself (paraphrasing from thompson, "thai food")

get 10 big shrimp, peel and devein them.  mix them with
-1t salt
-3T nuoc mam/nam pla (three crabs brand is best)
pinch of sugar

marinade over night. now put the oven very low, to around 150-190F with the door cracked open, spread the shrimp on a baking sheet and let them slowly dry out.  they are said to be dry enough when they turn into thin thread when ground.

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  1. I made Migas today also, Jesse! Yours is certainly different. What does a "floss" mean?