Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marty and Dad's Margarita recipe

I don't know where they got it but it's the best homemade one I've tasted. Marty told it to me in "shot glass" amounts but I thought I better include the standard measurement as well. 

Take a 6 oz. glass and run a cut lime around the rim. Turn it over and dip it into a shallow plate of salt. Now fill that glass with ice. Add:

1 shot glass Tequila (3 T.)
3/4 shot glass lime juice  (just a little over 2T ) - we used Mexican limes, of course
Fill up the rest of the above shot glass with Triple Sec (1 T.)
1 shot glass of Margarita Mix (3 T.) we used Jose Cuervo brand



  1. Well I am trying to develop a Margarita without the bottled mix. Using the 3/2/1 Tequila/Lime/Orange liquer (purists insist on Cointreau) without the Cuervo mix I find it lacking sweetness. But the full shot of the mix made the drink seem a bit caustic this time. After all, the 3rd ingredient is citric acid after the water and HF corn syrup. I suggest lightening up on the mix, or eliminating it altogether and doubling the Triple Sec (Sue didn't like)or maybe even adding a bit of sugar instead. I've never had real Cointreau but I have tried to like the Mexican brand, Controy. I just can't do it. That's after two trials of a bottle each separated by a span of more than 30 years.

  2. In that case, I bet 1t. of sugar plus 3/4 of a shot glass (1 1/2 T.) of water would do the trick. After all, the mix is just some inferior limeade.