Thursday, September 2, 2010

buffalo wings

this is a modification of the Joy of Cooking (1997 ed.) recipe for buffalo wings.  the sauce and the basic procedure for preparing the wings are from that book.

what is important to success is that you have a thermometer that can measure the temperature of your oil and you try to fry them in a heavy pot, like a dutch oven, which can keep the oil temperature a bit stable.  temperature control is responsible for whether your wings are juicy and crispy.

1. you change the sauce to barbecue sauce.  combine:

-1.5 c ketchup
-1c cider vinegar
-1/4c worcstershire
-1/4c soy sauce
-1c brown sugar
-2T dry mustard
-4T chili powder
-1T fresh ginger, grated
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-2T vegetable oil
-3 slices lemon

simmer for five minutes and it's done.

now for the wings:

-1.5 lbs chicken wings, divided into wing and drumette.  dry them off first.  (discard the tips or save them for stock)

dredge them in:
-1/3c flour
-1t salt
-1/2 t black pepper
(-1T ground cofffee) this is what i put in extra

fry them at 375F for 10 minutes, keep warm in a low oven while you prepare the other batches.

now you sauce them as you like.


  1. I've had Jesse's barbeque sauce. It is VERY RICH. I like the extra details in this recipe. Now we have to get Dave and Eric Tom to post their respective Buffalo Wing recipes and have a showdown!

  2. Jesse, I made your sauce for Pab's going away burger bash. I noticed that when we did the pig, the chili flavor was dominant in the sauce. Also when I reheated the pig sauce, I got a slice of the lemon which had candied and it was very delicious. So this time I cut the chili powder to 2T and I sliced the lemon very, very thin and put it at least 6-8 slivers at the beginning so it could cook awhile. I simmered it for at least 20 minutes. I really liked the results. You should post this sauce as a separate recipe!