Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Veal liver Knedles

Here is a classic, which I've never tried before:

Crush and press through a strainer:

150g veal liver


-30g goose fat
-3 egg yolks
-a roll, wetted and then squeezed out
-30g white bread crumbs
-an onion, diced then blanched in water
-salt, pepper, paprika

says the book:
"Mix together this less than appetising mass with your hands.  Add enough flour to be able to mould it, with your floured hands, into fat balls like walnuts.  Poach them in salted boiling water for ten minutes.  Remove them from the water.  Let them cool.  Sauté them in the goose fat.  Serve hot."

Edouard de Pomiane (1929) Cuisine Juive, Ghettos Modernes


  1. 5 oz. veal liver
    1 oz. goose fat
    1 oz. white bread crumbs

    What's a "roll, wetted and squeezed out?"

  2. it says "un petit pain, mouillé et exprimé" i suppose it means you take a bolillo, soak it in water for a minute, then take it out and squeeze it.